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Saturday, March 25, 2006

In A Fantasy World Of Their Own

Oh fucking yes, oh fucking yes!!!

The Champions of Europe beat the chumps of Merseyside 3.1 with goals from Luis Garcia (above) and Harry Kewell, with the icing on the cake being an own goal from ex-Manc Phil Neville, thank you very much you inbred twat, now fuck off!!!

You can't get beat an bit of bluenose baiting, eh!!!

Meanwhile, in the fantasy world that is Belerus, our friend Mr Luschenko, has been getting his storm-troopers to attack innocent demonstrators as they protested following last Sunday's farce of an election in that joke of an democracy. President Putin, losing friends as quickly as Chelsea, has said that the election was fair, (probably to Russian standards, aah, perhaps that what Belerus means, yearning to be part of an Greater Russia, oops wrong terminology, oh fuck it!) He's acting like Belarus is still part of the fucking Iron Curtain having to go to Mummy, wankers.

"Mummy, Mummy the evil west are saying that I'm the final great dictator of Europe,"

"There, there, Mummy will protect you from those evil bullies"


My fears are that if and when the Belerussian people have the balls to stick two fingers up to Putin and the mother country, it will probably end more in an Tiananman Square scenario, than an Orange and Rose Revolution such as we have seen in the Ukraine and Georgia in the last 18 months.

To be fair though, you can't really have an go at Putin and Russia, they've been fighting their own war on terror for an lot longer than the West has. They warned the World about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda long before that plane hit the North Tower, that Sunny September day all those years ago. It's just that we (as always) ignored the Russians until it was too late, didn't see the Russians storm Baghdad, either didn't we.

What did the Russians know that we didn't know???

Answers on a post card.
Rob :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Friday!!!

But I don't feel like typing, so that's your lot!!!

Fuck off to another website!!!

See ya Tomorrow.

Contra la Guerre :)


Thursday, March 23, 2006


Had an very interesting chat with my manager at work, I haven't been enjoying as of late for an number or reasons. I think that the stress of work, as well as having to juggle my money along with everything that alone comes with, such as having to give my mother money just in case she hasn't has enough to get the essentials are beginning to get on top of me.

I told my manager that I hadn't been happy at all in my role within our little team for the last few months to be honest, and this along with everything else going on, was beginning to have an detrimental effect on my work. I like to think that if the environment is correct and I can come in and be relaxed, without having to worry everyday about the people around me and their arrogant, size 15 egos.

Been beginning, dare I say, to plan for a little get together to celebrate my 24th in little under two weeks. I think for the time being it's a case of seeing how many people are going to come, then decide on what we will do this year. I think last year, I'd had all these ideas, and I think that for this year, we're going to go for the low-key approach only inviting an bare minimum, but like most things they have their own way of going don't they!!!

On an positive note, news has reached Roberts Towers, that the British peace activist Norman Kember and his two fellow captives have been released in an secret oppo led by British Forces in Baghdad. This is undoubtedly wonderful news, particularly as for some time there had been fears for Mr Kember who is no spring chicken at 74.

Whether or not this will put off peace activists from actually going into War Zones remain to be seen, (but I doubt it.) Mr Kember is currently at the British Embassy, in the green zone, in Downtown Baghdad, but is reported to have said to be 'looking forward to returning to the UK'.

Dear, oh dear, Norman.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Half-Day Madness

Very quiet day, finished work early.

Can't be fucked to say too much tonight!!!

Probably speak further tomorrow

Rob :)

Lies, Lies, Damned Lies

Lies, we've all done them sometime. To either get us out of trouble or to make life easier. I've fibbed many times before now, perhaps saying something to someone, just to get their attention or the like.

However, sometimes in life, there are lies, which are totally unforgiveable, and this morning's blog is about one of the most outraegeous series of lies, ever printed in an well-known tabloid rag, known as The S*n, ran by the odious News International, and their editor at the time, Kelvin McKenzie.

McKenzie was an Thatcherite, having pushed the Sun, from what was originally a left-wing newspaper from its original publication in 1969, to an right-wing rag in an matter of years, all with the support of Murdoch.

The Labour Party was in disarray at the time, having just lost two elections by an distance and was in danger of splitting between the modernisers of Kinnock and the 'supposed' Loony Left of Derek Hatton and Ken Livingstone.

Hatton's home city was Liverpool, which at this time was enjoying unrivalled sporting success with its two clubs, Liverpool and Everton was taking on Europe's best and in both cases had beaten the best. Liverpool having had won four European Cups, up till the Heysel Tragedy while Everton won the now defunct Cup-Winners Cup, in Rottendam.

With the attraction of European success out of reach for the time being both clubs strived to still remain Kings Of England, which they did Liverpool winning the title in 1986 & 1988, with Everton winning it in between in 1987.

The 1988/89 season began with Everton and Liverpool continuing as before and taking apart anyone and everyone and although Everton waned later on the season, Liverpool's march to the title continued. The two clubs also continued their great form into the FA Cup, with both of them getting through to the Semi-Finals.

What happened on the 15th April 1989, is etched into the memory of every football fan the world over. That it had happened was scandalous, thanks in no small part to the sheer imcompetence of the South Yorkshire Police, the FA, and the authorities in that they gave Liverpool, the smallest end of the Hillsborough ground, even though Liverpool's average attendance during that season had been TWICE the size of Nottingham Forest, their opponents that fateful day.

The papers however, decided to have their own say on it. One paper in particular decided to have it's say on it. The Sun, said that Liverpool fans had robbed valuables from dead bodies, that the fans had caused it in the first place, that they had been causing trouble before they even got into the ground. All a load of bollocks, of course, but plainly typical of that Tory-supporting rag at that time.

The reaction on Merseyside was immense, ritual burnings of the paper was rife, and the circulation of the paper dropped drastically overnight. There was no condemination from the government for its inaccuracies, for want of a better word. It was almost like that Thatcher and her cronies had prayed for something like this to happen, so it could paint Liverpool in general in an darker light.

The absolute opposite happened. Thatcher and her cronies went full hell for leather on the community charge, something that was strongly opposed in the country, and the left mobilised, and took her on, in more ways than one, culminating in the Poll Tax Riots less than an year later. Within 12 months Thatcher was out of No.10.

Lesson - You reap what you sow.


Rob :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And now for some good news...

The European Champions destroy luckless, hapless, and probably soon to be manageless Birmingham City 7.0, thanks to in no small part, Norwegian International and leg-breaking specialist John Arse Rilse, who's scores another contender for goal of the season. Peter Crouch scores two, Sami Hyypia, Djibril Cisse and Nando Morientes also score, while ex-Celtic defender Olivier Tebily has the misfortune of turning into his own net. The result is particularly pleasing considering the the Brum's manager is ex-Manc defender Steve Bruce.
Onwards and Upwards we go!!!

Loans, Peerages and Iraq

I have to be honest, any other government embroiled with the sort of shit that the Labour Government is currently in would be in it's last throes. Really, how can any organisation, particularly an Political organisation such as the Labour Party, think that they could get away with such immorality.

The most concerning aspect in my opinion is that No.10 in no shape or form told the Treasurer of the Labour Party, nor amazingly the Chairman of the Party about these loans.

You would think that the other political parties would be having an field day. HA HA HA!!! You must be having an laugh, they are all doing this, they just think that the electorate too stupid to notice. Doh! But then the electorate was stupid enough to elect these numpties for a third term.


Anyone, or Political Party who aligns themselves with the fascists in Washington. D.C, Rome or Canberra, with the rest of their Neo-Conservative, Right-Wing Nazified opinions, is in need of assistance to the nearest War Crimes Tribunal. As I have said in previous posts, I believe that the leaders responsilble for the atrocity that is Iraq, must pay for their crimes, and if neccesary, they should be tried in an Iraqi court, and if found guilty, be made to take their punishment in Iraq, so be it if it's the death penalty. Mr Blair on more than one occasion has said that he feels that it is god himself who is guilding him along the way. So that's it, foreign policy is dictated by god. Fuck me, that is almost as bad as German Policy in the 1930s being guided by Mein Kampf.

Whatever next, A god Tax? It's fucking pathetic, that in the 21st century at a time when we are told that we are an multi-cultural society, that Blair, an devout Catholic, is deciding the fate of Iraqi civilians and British troops, but talking to someone who does not fucking exist. God does not fucking exist you, murderous twat. Fuck me, it's madness, the last time we had God influencing military decisions was the Crusades and all that. Is that was it's coming to, Blair is being influenced by god in his decision in invading Iraq, which means the likes of Syria and Iran have got it sussed. It is by default an holy war, an sort of Christian fundamentalist wet dream, where Uncle Sam, and his redneck fascists get their dirty fucking teeth into the supposed holy land, it's got fuck all to do with fucking democratssssssssssy and justtttttiiiccceee, as Dubya puts it. It's about Bush and Blair, and the rest of their fascist chums all wanting an fucking dirty war, in more ways than one.

And it is us the people of the free world who stand idle and do fuck all to take the bastards on, we will only have no-one and I mean no-one but ourselves to blame when it all glows up in the middle east.

Rant Over.

Rob :(

Birthday Blues

It's my sister's birthday today, and I feel really depressed. It is something that I have been battling, for the last eight years, pretty much from my GCSEs at school. It began at a very difficult time for me personally, my parents were in the middle of splitting up, and in turn that got me and my sister involved. My sister was at home while I was at boarding school, so having to hear them bickering down the phone and worse, when speaking to them would be awful, at the best of times.
Being an depressive is not fun. When I first suffered from it, during the build-up to my exams, the school encouraged me to take Prozac as prescribed by the school's doctor. My parents heard about this, and blew their top. Unsurprising that to be honest, considering, here I was 150 miles away, being told to take this drug, without my parents' consent. If that happened nowadays, you could imagine the uproar!
I took the prozac eventually, without my parents, knowing about it, having hid it away, taking it every now and again, just to perk me up while at school and at home, particularly if I was being bullied at the time. I can't remember much of the time after that, it is a bit of a blur. So although I was feeling OK, it was a sort of falsehood.
I continued to take Prozac on and off, though I haven't taken it for some three or four years, as I have had to tackle my weight, in an very aggressive manner, including taking laxtives, which people have caught me taking on more than one occasion.
I can be really up and at you, one moment, but the next moment, I can become very depressed, very quickly. This used to happen an awful lot at clubs, it would come to that point of the night when everyone would've found someone to have a good time with, and there's me on my own, getting more and more depressed. In the end I would get into an taxi, get home, watch some x-rated filth and comfort eat.
And that's where the Vicious circle came into it's own. Because I was down, I would rarely go out unless asked, and even then, they were getting fed up with me being so down, to the point that for a period in the last year, they didn't want to know me. Sad but true unfortunately. When I wasn't heading out, I'd be at home next to the microwave tucking into some cancer-inducing Curry or Spag Bol, and then the weight would creep back on. Not Good.
We've begun going to the Gym, but it's not going to be easy. I have days when I eat for fun, and other days when I'm not eating at all, while in the process taking the laxatives and various other tablets to get me back down to my fighting weight. And when I'm not doing well on that side of it, that's when I get depressed, I lose on both fronts.
Oh well only another four stone to go...
Rob :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

When some things don't matter

I have decided to edit this evening's blog following a story which has broken in regard to a murder on an innocent teenager in Reading. The blog which I had done previously falls into insignificance, when compared to the the shocking failings of the probation service.
Mary-Ann Lenaghan, it can be argued was not an angel, no-one is thinking that, I expect, but no-one deserves to die the way she did. I have heard a tape which was recorded where an passer-by found Mary-Ann's injured friend, it is to say the least shocking, and the Home Secretary should be made personally responsilble for her death. It could be argued that this is another example of state-sponsored murder, where we are seeing the sheer incompetence of this and many other governments before beginning to bloom before our very eyes.
Many Questions, yet unfortunately as is so often the case in these cases, not many answers.

Fuck Me, It's Monday!!!


Well, I start work in little under two hours from now, work in a call centre in Folkestone, where my job title is a Customer Service Advisor. Of course, though, the managers say that we would not be doing our job properly without trying to sell them something. They call it customer service evolving. I call us Sales v2, just that we get the shit, if anything is incorrect on any documents sent to the customer by the company.

Meanwhile in the real world, some Belerussian fascist has won their presidential election, well not really much choice for the people, when the opposition leaders have in some cases disappered into thin air, sadly no Orange Revolution in Minsk, meaning that Belarus will continue to be led by that ghastly character who has been in power for the last decade or so.

I also gather that on the Labour Loans scandal that the Lord Chancellor is going to add a clause to an bill going through Parliament at the moment, where political parties will no longer be able to hide 'loans' which have been given to them by multi-millionaire backers. Hmmm. Can't help but think that this is a case of bolting the horse's door a few months' late. It could always also be said that New Labour, having paid their way through the Election last year through this method, probably don't want anyone else to be able to do that in the future. Cynical, probably, but this government does have previous.

Anyway, better go otherwise I'm gonna be beginning to be late, speak to you soon

Rob :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hello, is anyone out there???


Well, at long last I've decided to start posting my thoughts on everything. Politics, Football, the Weather, Music, my friends and by the same token my enemies, my battle with my weight and just about anything else which comes under the radar, which will be everything. I like to think that I live in a free country, so everything and everyone will be under scrutiny. I'll be setting up my profile in due course, so you'll see where I'm coming from.

Fucking hell, I haven't been doing this for less than five minutes and my elbows are fucking killing me already, god help me (oh shit, I don't believe in god!!!) Saying that I don't think anything or anyone is going to be able to save Mr Blair. Oh well, after his interview on Parky the other week, saying that he felt that it was god (notice small g) who told him to go to war with Fuhrer Bush. You're sure about that, Tone, not Halliburton wagging a nice big cheque for your party, with you licking your lips like a pathetic, fucking poodle (sorry to all poodle actually let's replace the word poodle with the word Mussolini.) Yep, licking your lips like Hitler's chum Mussolini. Hopefully like Benito, Mr Blair will be bought to justice whether it is by his god's own reasoning or someone has the cojones to take the murderous bastard to the War Crimes Tribunal. Come On Kofi, show the UN's still got some balls to take on the corrupt dictators on. You know that you want to.

Meanwhile some happier news from the world of Football, as the Champions of Europe (x5) Liverpool begin scoring some goals against Newcastle, winning 3.1, and Chelsea (who will be known as the Rent Boys, lost 1.0 to their 'friendly' rivals Fulham. The game being marred by trouble on an off the pitch. Not too good then

Oh well some things never change, I've got work tomorrow at 8.30am. I will probably speak in more detail about my life in general in future blogs, hopefully as soon as tomorrow, so I'll see you then.

Rob :)