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Monday, March 20, 2006

Fuck Me, It's Monday!!!


Well, I start work in little under two hours from now, work in a call centre in Folkestone, where my job title is a Customer Service Advisor. Of course, though, the managers say that we would not be doing our job properly without trying to sell them something. They call it customer service evolving. I call us Sales v2, just that we get the shit, if anything is incorrect on any documents sent to the customer by the company.

Meanwhile in the real world, some Belerussian fascist has won their presidential election, well not really much choice for the people, when the opposition leaders have in some cases disappered into thin air, sadly no Orange Revolution in Minsk, meaning that Belarus will continue to be led by that ghastly character who has been in power for the last decade or so.

I also gather that on the Labour Loans scandal that the Lord Chancellor is going to add a clause to an bill going through Parliament at the moment, where political parties will no longer be able to hide 'loans' which have been given to them by multi-millionaire backers. Hmmm. Can't help but think that this is a case of bolting the horse's door a few months' late. It could always also be said that New Labour, having paid their way through the Election last year through this method, probably don't want anyone else to be able to do that in the future. Cynical, probably, but this government does have previous.

Anyway, better go otherwise I'm gonna be beginning to be late, speak to you soon

Rob :)


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