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Saturday, March 25, 2006

In A Fantasy World Of Their Own

Oh fucking yes, oh fucking yes!!!

The Champions of Europe beat the chumps of Merseyside 3.1 with goals from Luis Garcia (above) and Harry Kewell, with the icing on the cake being an own goal from ex-Manc Phil Neville, thank you very much you inbred twat, now fuck off!!!

You can't get beat an bit of bluenose baiting, eh!!!

Meanwhile, in the fantasy world that is Belerus, our friend Mr Luschenko, has been getting his storm-troopers to attack innocent demonstrators as they protested following last Sunday's farce of an election in that joke of an democracy. President Putin, losing friends as quickly as Chelsea, has said that the election was fair, (probably to Russian standards, aah, perhaps that what Belerus means, yearning to be part of an Greater Russia, oops wrong terminology, oh fuck it!) He's acting like Belarus is still part of the fucking Iron Curtain having to go to Mummy, wankers.

"Mummy, Mummy the evil west are saying that I'm the final great dictator of Europe,"

"There, there, Mummy will protect you from those evil bullies"


My fears are that if and when the Belerussian people have the balls to stick two fingers up to Putin and the mother country, it will probably end more in an Tiananman Square scenario, than an Orange and Rose Revolution such as we have seen in the Ukraine and Georgia in the last 18 months.

To be fair though, you can't really have an go at Putin and Russia, they've been fighting their own war on terror for an lot longer than the West has. They warned the World about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda long before that plane hit the North Tower, that Sunny September day all those years ago. It's just that we (as always) ignored the Russians until it was too late, didn't see the Russians storm Baghdad, either didn't we.

What did the Russians know that we didn't know???

Answers on a post card.
Rob :)


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