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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lies, Lies, Damned Lies

Lies, we've all done them sometime. To either get us out of trouble or to make life easier. I've fibbed many times before now, perhaps saying something to someone, just to get their attention or the like.

However, sometimes in life, there are lies, which are totally unforgiveable, and this morning's blog is about one of the most outraegeous series of lies, ever printed in an well-known tabloid rag, known as The S*n, ran by the odious News International, and their editor at the time, Kelvin McKenzie.

McKenzie was an Thatcherite, having pushed the Sun, from what was originally a left-wing newspaper from its original publication in 1969, to an right-wing rag in an matter of years, all with the support of Murdoch.

The Labour Party was in disarray at the time, having just lost two elections by an distance and was in danger of splitting between the modernisers of Kinnock and the 'supposed' Loony Left of Derek Hatton and Ken Livingstone.

Hatton's home city was Liverpool, which at this time was enjoying unrivalled sporting success with its two clubs, Liverpool and Everton was taking on Europe's best and in both cases had beaten the best. Liverpool having had won four European Cups, up till the Heysel Tragedy while Everton won the now defunct Cup-Winners Cup, in Rottendam.

With the attraction of European success out of reach for the time being both clubs strived to still remain Kings Of England, which they did Liverpool winning the title in 1986 & 1988, with Everton winning it in between in 1987.

The 1988/89 season began with Everton and Liverpool continuing as before and taking apart anyone and everyone and although Everton waned later on the season, Liverpool's march to the title continued. The two clubs also continued their great form into the FA Cup, with both of them getting through to the Semi-Finals.

What happened on the 15th April 1989, is etched into the memory of every football fan the world over. That it had happened was scandalous, thanks in no small part to the sheer imcompetence of the South Yorkshire Police, the FA, and the authorities in that they gave Liverpool, the smallest end of the Hillsborough ground, even though Liverpool's average attendance during that season had been TWICE the size of Nottingham Forest, their opponents that fateful day.

The papers however, decided to have their own say on it. One paper in particular decided to have it's say on it. The Sun, said that Liverpool fans had robbed valuables from dead bodies, that the fans had caused it in the first place, that they had been causing trouble before they even got into the ground. All a load of bollocks, of course, but plainly typical of that Tory-supporting rag at that time.

The reaction on Merseyside was immense, ritual burnings of the paper was rife, and the circulation of the paper dropped drastically overnight. There was no condemination from the government for its inaccuracies, for want of a better word. It was almost like that Thatcher and her cronies had prayed for something like this to happen, so it could paint Liverpool in general in an darker light.

The absolute opposite happened. Thatcher and her cronies went full hell for leather on the community charge, something that was strongly opposed in the country, and the left mobilised, and took her on, in more ways than one, culminating in the Poll Tax Riots less than an year later. Within 12 months Thatcher was out of No.10.

Lesson - You reap what you sow.


Rob :)


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