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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Loans, Peerages and Iraq

I have to be honest, any other government embroiled with the sort of shit that the Labour Government is currently in would be in it's last throes. Really, how can any organisation, particularly an Political organisation such as the Labour Party, think that they could get away with such immorality.

The most concerning aspect in my opinion is that No.10 in no shape or form told the Treasurer of the Labour Party, nor amazingly the Chairman of the Party about these loans.

You would think that the other political parties would be having an field day. HA HA HA!!! You must be having an laugh, they are all doing this, they just think that the electorate too stupid to notice. Doh! But then the electorate was stupid enough to elect these numpties for a third term.


Anyone, or Political Party who aligns themselves with the fascists in Washington. D.C, Rome or Canberra, with the rest of their Neo-Conservative, Right-Wing Nazified opinions, is in need of assistance to the nearest War Crimes Tribunal. As I have said in previous posts, I believe that the leaders responsilble for the atrocity that is Iraq, must pay for their crimes, and if neccesary, they should be tried in an Iraqi court, and if found guilty, be made to take their punishment in Iraq, so be it if it's the death penalty. Mr Blair on more than one occasion has said that he feels that it is god himself who is guilding him along the way. So that's it, foreign policy is dictated by god. Fuck me, that is almost as bad as German Policy in the 1930s being guided by Mein Kampf.

Whatever next, A god Tax? It's fucking pathetic, that in the 21st century at a time when we are told that we are an multi-cultural society, that Blair, an devout Catholic, is deciding the fate of Iraqi civilians and British troops, but talking to someone who does not fucking exist. God does not fucking exist you, murderous twat. Fuck me, it's madness, the last time we had God influencing military decisions was the Crusades and all that. Is that was it's coming to, Blair is being influenced by god in his decision in invading Iraq, which means the likes of Syria and Iran have got it sussed. It is by default an holy war, an sort of Christian fundamentalist wet dream, where Uncle Sam, and his redneck fascists get their dirty fucking teeth into the supposed holy land, it's got fuck all to do with fucking democratssssssssssy and justtttttiiiccceee, as Dubya puts it. It's about Bush and Blair, and the rest of their fascist chums all wanting an fucking dirty war, in more ways than one.

And it is us the people of the free world who stand idle and do fuck all to take the bastards on, we will only have no-one and I mean no-one but ourselves to blame when it all glows up in the middle east.

Rant Over.

Rob :(


Anonymous George W Bush said...

I am the best kisser!

9:52 PM

Blogger CommieBobbie said...

I think Slippy Billy might have something to say about that...

9:59 PM


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