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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Had an very interesting chat with my manager at work, I haven't been enjoying as of late for an number or reasons. I think that the stress of work, as well as having to juggle my money along with everything that alone comes with, such as having to give my mother money just in case she hasn't has enough to get the essentials are beginning to get on top of me.

I told my manager that I hadn't been happy at all in my role within our little team for the last few months to be honest, and this along with everything else going on, was beginning to have an detrimental effect on my work. I like to think that if the environment is correct and I can come in and be relaxed, without having to worry everyday about the people around me and their arrogant, size 15 egos.

Been beginning, dare I say, to plan for a little get together to celebrate my 24th in little under two weeks. I think for the time being it's a case of seeing how many people are going to come, then decide on what we will do this year. I think last year, I'd had all these ideas, and I think that for this year, we're going to go for the low-key approach only inviting an bare minimum, but like most things they have their own way of going don't they!!!

On an positive note, news has reached Roberts Towers, that the British peace activist Norman Kember and his two fellow captives have been released in an secret oppo led by British Forces in Baghdad. This is undoubtedly wonderful news, particularly as for some time there had been fears for Mr Kember who is no spring chicken at 74.

Whether or not this will put off peace activists from actually going into War Zones remain to be seen, (but I doubt it.) Mr Kember is currently at the British Embassy, in the green zone, in Downtown Baghdad, but is reported to have said to be 'looking forward to returning to the UK'.

Dear, oh dear, Norman.


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