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Monday, March 20, 2006

When some things don't matter

I have decided to edit this evening's blog following a story which has broken in regard to a murder on an innocent teenager in Reading. The blog which I had done previously falls into insignificance, when compared to the the shocking failings of the probation service.
Mary-Ann Lenaghan, it can be argued was not an angel, no-one is thinking that, I expect, but no-one deserves to die the way she did. I have heard a tape which was recorded where an passer-by found Mary-Ann's injured friend, it is to say the least shocking, and the Home Secretary should be made personally responsilble for her death. It could be argued that this is another example of state-sponsored murder, where we are seeing the sheer incompetence of this and many other governments before beginning to bloom before our very eyes.
Many Questions, yet unfortunately as is so often the case in these cases, not many answers.


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