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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Labour and Tories - All the Fucking Same!


Your dear leader here, typing this from our new widescreen laptop here in my bedroom here in the Garden of England. It has been an very surreal week in Britain, starting almost as soon as I ended my previous blog.

It was then about early Tuesday afternoon, when reports were coming out of Westminister that the Home Office was reporting that knowing that an commitee in the Houses of Commons called the Public Affairs Commitee was to bring up the subject of upwards of 1,000 convicted criminals from outside the UK had been released once they had served their sentence, without the spectre of deportation serving over their heads.

Mr Clarke at that point admitted at that early stage that because of the severity of the balls-up that he had tendered his resignation to the PM, who refused it. Considering that the PM did not resign following the countless lies he gave to us to let him and his neo-con chums in America their war in Iraq, is it really to be expected?

It has got a lot worse for Clarke and the Labour Government since then with the admission on Friday that at least five of those who had been let out without being deported have gone on to commit serious crimes, including in one case where a young woman has said that she was raped by one such individual. They have gone on to demand that Clarke resigns due to 'Labour Incompetence' and 2 in 3 of people have said that Blair should sack Clarke.

So another example of our dear leaders not doing what the electorate demands of them.

Meanwhile following hot on the heels of Mr Clarke is the Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt. If you hear her speak, she sounds more of an matron telling you to take your fucking vitamins, well she's been in serious shit this last week, for saying that the last year has been the best ever for the NHS.

Her reward for saying that was some serious heckling and all-out antipathy from the general, well-reserved Royal College of Nursing, who it has to be said did a very good job at getting at the minister. Hewitt, was then reported to say that she was 'livid' at the RCN's behaviour and in particular their National Board, who allowed it to be hijacked by the militant wing.

Personally, seeing the Questions and Answers that Hewitt was given no choice but to do, it was a great laugh to see, but her attitude afterwards was nothing short of petulent. It's a free country, Pat! You don't like the way democracy works tough shit. You only like democracy when it suits you, even if the people who voted you back in are fucking dumb as fuck.

The third problem that the government is having to deal with this last week, is the marital antics of the Deputy Prime Minister. John Prescott admitted to having an affair with his secretary for a few years, the affair finished sometime ago.

Now normally, a lot of people would probably would think, that it has nothing to do with us, but consider that Two Jags has built a political career on lecturing the Tories on sleaze, sex and scandal, this is something alone which is making people call for Prescott's resignation.

In the case of all three, they should not be given the opportunity to resign, as they don't deserve the chance of going out with some dignity. All three needs to be sacked on the spot right now. In the case of Clarke and Hewitt, they have shown an clear example of sheer incompetence, in fact reports circulating this morning suggest that the Home Secretary took more than THREE weeks to tell the Prime Minister to tell of serious criminals being amongst those being released without being considered of being deported.

Considered? What needs to be fucking considered for heaven sake, we have enough fucking criminals in our country let alone having the scum of the rest of the world in our prisons. The Home Secretary has lost his grip on the home office, there is an irreveisble loss of authority here, and this is going to spread to the heart of government if Mr Blair does not take some decisive action, NOW.

Labour has to rough it this week, as they have some important local elections which will see how much this week and the last few months have taken their toll on their core support.

A disastrous night at the polls and that could well be it for Mr Blair.

Mr Blair, stage right please...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fuck The B*P

Long time no speak, with an lot of time to myself I think it's time for the latest rants and ravings from Kent's No.1 mad commie.

The Scourge Of The B*P

This needs to be dealt with, recently a lot of people have been saying that there is the likelihood of the scum getting into council seats at the forthcoming local elections, unfortunately this might well be the case but, what is the most scandalous of all is that we as a country have allowed this to happen, I spoke to some people on an forum a few days ago and their argument was that if none of the main political parties are listening or showing their concerns at what the 'indigenous' population see as real warts of worry. Some of the people actually tried to justify people voting for the bastards, saying that they are desperate.

Desperate for what? Desperate for a cut in crime, who isn't. Desperate for higher wages, agreed. But really is the British electorate getting so damm desperate for change that they are willing to vote for an party who would support re-patriation of all foreign workers, including those born here. I have heard from one correspondent even, of Sikhs and Hindus actually voting for them purely on their hatred for Muslims. Come on, people, hello!!! This is an party who denies that the holocaust ever existed, for fuck's sake. This is madness.
Let me tell you something, quite blunt. Desperate is being someone who will willing lose their life by getting on an truck somewhere in central Europe, staying there for days on end, without much food (i.e none) and when they do arrive in Britain, being malnorished to the extreme.

Remember the cockle-pickers who died at Morecambe Bay, Remember the 50-odd souls who died on their way to Britain from China, and they were only found when customs inspected the lorry and found dozens of bodies dead.

Those examples have one simple thing in common, they involved people who came here, to give themselves and their families back home a better life. Surely, if we were all in that situation, we would do exactly the same if given the chance. I know I would, and I think you would too, it's natural.

A vote for the B*P is a vote for narrow-mindedness. A vote for them is a wasted vote, in fact let me go further, if you want to vote for them, don't vote. PERIOD. I believe in the thought that the less people who vote, the more of a direct hit it would be against the politicians of our country. Anything's better than the B*P and the Tories.

Anyone who votes for them is damaging their future, and their children's.

Do you really want that on your conscious?

Thursday, April 06, 2006



Apologies for the lack of postings recently, but we've been very busy and so couldn't be fucked to post anything of interest, though I will probably do an essay over the weekend for you, my dear reader(s).

In the meantime here's a photo of what if the media are to be believed what is going to kill us.

The photo is an microscopic image of the supposedly global killer that is the H5N1 Avian Flu Virus, which has hit Blighty. Well I say hit Blighty, more like crept through the back-door.

Don't have nightmares, kiddiewinks!!!

Rob :)