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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fuck The B*P

Long time no speak, with an lot of time to myself I think it's time for the latest rants and ravings from Kent's No.1 mad commie.

The Scourge Of The B*P

This needs to be dealt with, recently a lot of people have been saying that there is the likelihood of the scum getting into council seats at the forthcoming local elections, unfortunately this might well be the case but, what is the most scandalous of all is that we as a country have allowed this to happen, I spoke to some people on an forum a few days ago and their argument was that if none of the main political parties are listening or showing their concerns at what the 'indigenous' population see as real warts of worry. Some of the people actually tried to justify people voting for the bastards, saying that they are desperate.

Desperate for what? Desperate for a cut in crime, who isn't. Desperate for higher wages, agreed. But really is the British electorate getting so damm desperate for change that they are willing to vote for an party who would support re-patriation of all foreign workers, including those born here. I have heard from one correspondent even, of Sikhs and Hindus actually voting for them purely on their hatred for Muslims. Come on, people, hello!!! This is an party who denies that the holocaust ever existed, for fuck's sake. This is madness.
Let me tell you something, quite blunt. Desperate is being someone who will willing lose their life by getting on an truck somewhere in central Europe, staying there for days on end, without much food (i.e none) and when they do arrive in Britain, being malnorished to the extreme.

Remember the cockle-pickers who died at Morecambe Bay, Remember the 50-odd souls who died on their way to Britain from China, and they were only found when customs inspected the lorry and found dozens of bodies dead.

Those examples have one simple thing in common, they involved people who came here, to give themselves and their families back home a better life. Surely, if we were all in that situation, we would do exactly the same if given the chance. I know I would, and I think you would too, it's natural.

A vote for the B*P is a vote for narrow-mindedness. A vote for them is a wasted vote, in fact let me go further, if you want to vote for them, don't vote. PERIOD. I believe in the thought that the less people who vote, the more of a direct hit it would be against the politicians of our country. Anything's better than the B*P and the Tories.

Anyone who votes for them is damaging their future, and their children's.

Do you really want that on your conscious?


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