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Saturday, May 06, 2006

All Change


Seems that Mr Blair has decided to lose the plot completely and has gone for broke in his reshuffle. The reshuffle had been delayed by some six months, but when completed had changed the cabinet considerably.

Charles Clarke has been, shall we say removed from the Home Office, being replaced by hardman and ex-communist John Reid. Clarke has since revealed that he down the chance of staying in the cabinet, deciding to graze on the back-benches for the time being, perhaps thinking that he might get an recall in any future Brownite Government.

John Prescott has been stripped off all of his departments, but still is in the cabinet, as a minister without portfolio. As the Deputy Prime Minister, Prescott will still have access to his two Jags, Dorneywood in the Home Counties, Admiralty House in the Capital as well as his 'Mansion' in his constituency of Hull, poor bastards, having that pot-bellied adulterer as a MP.

Jack Straw has also suffered, having lost the Foreign Office, to caravan-loving Margaret Beckett. Poor Condi, looks like its the local Caravan Park for her, when she visits Marge's consituency, trust me it'll happen! Jack, has been given an consolation prize...of sorts, being given the Leader of the Commons position, trying to control dissent from within, as well as being given the task to drive legislation through, though that may not be now as easy as both he and Blair would have liked it to be some weeks before.

So, what happens now. Reports in certain left-leaning papers today suggest that up to 50 'rebel' MPs are lining up to sign an statement demanding to know the timetable of any changeover in power between Blair and Brown. You know that Prime Ministers are in trouble when your previous ministers are coming up from behind, and decide to slowly strangle you.

Whereas why I think keeping Prescott in the cabinet is a very wise move. Think about it. Prescott has been the go-between, the bridge between both Blair and Brown for more than the past decade, ever since the pact was agreed in the La Granita Restaurant following the death of John Smith in 1994, throwing Prescott to the sharks, would almost certainly come back and haunt Blair. This way, he can keep Prescott in his pocket (quite corruptedly, it has to be said).

Whatever happens, it's going to a fun-packed six months, who knows what is going to happen!

Friday, May 05, 2006



It seems that the problems and scandals that have embroiled the goverenment these last few weeks are beginning to come back and haunt them, after an dreadful night for Labour at the Local Elections.

As of now (0730 BST) Labour has lost 18 councils which is the equivalent of an percentage of about 26% of the overall vote. Questions are going to have to asked about the future of certain ministers, particuarly Prescott and Clarke. Prescott is reportedly going to have the blame for the disastrous result put on his shoulders as, any shit falling on Clarke's head would, in my opinion automatically put the Prime Minister into the firing line, due to his backing for the Home Secretary.

As for the Tories, they have by their standards an good night, unfortunately, with an net gain of 12 councils, (a lot of the councils that Labour have lost have fallen into No Overall Control, where no one party has an decisive majority). The projected vote that David Cameron has been able to get is about 40%, the highest share of the vote that the party has got in some 15 years. The magic 40% figure is the figure that a lot of pollsters believe the party need to get back into power, in fact furthermore on that, if the vote was seen nationwide, we would see that the Tories would have an majority in the commons of 28.

The Lib Dems have not performed as well as I think they would've like, whereas in the last local elections, some two years ago, they had an percentage share of about 29%, this time that has dropped by 2 percentage points to 27%, they have not gained any councils but have seen councils change hands, for example they have lost Islington in North London, where no party has no overall control, but they have gained St Albans, just to the north of London, for our readers around the world. In fact the result in St Albans was decided by the most surreal of manners, where the Lib Dems won on the candidate choosing the longest of two pencils. Madness.

Amongst the smaller parties, the Greens did relatively well by their low standards, they normally do in these sort of elections, gaining some 14 seats in comparision to last time including 4 seats in Norwich, the same constituency as the Home Secretary.

Unfortunately, the people of Barking and Dagenham should lower their heads in shame, as the electorate there voted in 11 members of the B*P. Bastards.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Changed My Mind

Told my manager in passing that I was planning to go for that position this afternoon, and after he gave me some brutal facts as well as told me that I was in control of my destiny.

In short, after that discussion with my manager, I've not gone for the position, though I think he knows now that I am deadly serious, and shouldn't be fucked about.


Morning, Peeps,

Got our Interview today at 4pm, rather looking forward to it, to be honest, as it'll be an eyeopener to see what other employers can offer me, plus it's a way out of the hole that I'm working in at the moment.

Also forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that they have asked that they do an credit check on me, now not knowing what sort of company the position is for, makes me think that it could well be for an credit card company, which would automatically mean some form of commission would be avaliable for me to earn.

To be honest, I don't want to be an situation where to be earning an certain amount I need to be persuding people into purchasing this, that or the other, because that in a way would be no different to what I am doing here at the moment. What's the point of leaving where I am now, just to get an job in Ashford, some 15 miles away just to do the same job that I am doing at the moment, no point in that at all.

Of course, I need to perform well today, as there is the possibility of an straight-through-go scenario, where if I was to give the right answers, then there might not be much waiting and they might offer me a straight out interview with the employers themselves, which would then make things interesting, as that would turn the heat up on my current employers, in the past when colleagues have been offered positions at rival companies, the management here have done their darnest to get them to stay and to be fair in most cases it works, so I'm hoping that if things do go according to plan then I'll be in a strong position to call the shots.

I'll talk after I've had the interview.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is He still in a job?

The world is going crazier than I thought I could ever imagine, following last night's revelation that one of the accomplices to the murder of an policeman in Bradford was someone who should've been deported in the first instance has come the news that 36 criminals who were knowingly released without being deported, have committed serious crimes since being released.
As if things couldn't get any worse for the government, it's seems it has. Labour seems on the brink of total meltdown in tomorrow's local elections, with the thinking being that a loss of 200+ seats countrywide would signal the end of Blair, and trigger some sort of leadership challenge.
What a intriguing thought that is!

Moving On...

Morning Comrades,
Your dear leader speaking, we have some interesting news from Roberts' Towers this morning, and that is that we have an interview tomorrow, for another company, so we're having to go there full of energy and the like, which could be quite an issue, considering how depressed I have been of late.

Never Mind, one day, we'll come out of that black cloud and the world will seem such an wonderful place (!) They are saying that as well as doing an test on my Maths as I don't have the recommended mark (C grade while I have an pithy D, shocking!), they are needing me to be my best attire (as if I wouldn't be anyway) well that won't be a problem, I've been waiting some time to put on my best gear, no excuses needed there!!!

We're speak about this again tomorrow, after the initial interview and I'll give my thoughts on that and anything else which is interesting my world.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Just a brief message to say everything's good here, can't be bothered to say anymore than that, speak to you later.