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Saturday, May 06, 2006

All Change


Seems that Mr Blair has decided to lose the plot completely and has gone for broke in his reshuffle. The reshuffle had been delayed by some six months, but when completed had changed the cabinet considerably.

Charles Clarke has been, shall we say removed from the Home Office, being replaced by hardman and ex-communist John Reid. Clarke has since revealed that he down the chance of staying in the cabinet, deciding to graze on the back-benches for the time being, perhaps thinking that he might get an recall in any future Brownite Government.

John Prescott has been stripped off all of his departments, but still is in the cabinet, as a minister without portfolio. As the Deputy Prime Minister, Prescott will still have access to his two Jags, Dorneywood in the Home Counties, Admiralty House in the Capital as well as his 'Mansion' in his constituency of Hull, poor bastards, having that pot-bellied adulterer as a MP.

Jack Straw has also suffered, having lost the Foreign Office, to caravan-loving Margaret Beckett. Poor Condi, looks like its the local Caravan Park for her, when she visits Marge's consituency, trust me it'll happen! Jack, has been given an consolation prize...of sorts, being given the Leader of the Commons position, trying to control dissent from within, as well as being given the task to drive legislation through, though that may not be now as easy as both he and Blair would have liked it to be some weeks before.

So, what happens now. Reports in certain left-leaning papers today suggest that up to 50 'rebel' MPs are lining up to sign an statement demanding to know the timetable of any changeover in power between Blair and Brown. You know that Prime Ministers are in trouble when your previous ministers are coming up from behind, and decide to slowly strangle you.

Whereas why I think keeping Prescott in the cabinet is a very wise move. Think about it. Prescott has been the go-between, the bridge between both Blair and Brown for more than the past decade, ever since the pact was agreed in the La Granita Restaurant following the death of John Smith in 1994, throwing Prescott to the sharks, would almost certainly come back and haunt Blair. This way, he can keep Prescott in his pocket (quite corruptedly, it has to be said).

Whatever happens, it's going to a fun-packed six months, who knows what is going to happen!


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