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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Morning, Peeps,

Got our Interview today at 4pm, rather looking forward to it, to be honest, as it'll be an eyeopener to see what other employers can offer me, plus it's a way out of the hole that I'm working in at the moment.

Also forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that they have asked that they do an credit check on me, now not knowing what sort of company the position is for, makes me think that it could well be for an credit card company, which would automatically mean some form of commission would be avaliable for me to earn.

To be honest, I don't want to be an situation where to be earning an certain amount I need to be persuding people into purchasing this, that or the other, because that in a way would be no different to what I am doing here at the moment. What's the point of leaving where I am now, just to get an job in Ashford, some 15 miles away just to do the same job that I am doing at the moment, no point in that at all.

Of course, I need to perform well today, as there is the possibility of an straight-through-go scenario, where if I was to give the right answers, then there might not be much waiting and they might offer me a straight out interview with the employers themselves, which would then make things interesting, as that would turn the heat up on my current employers, in the past when colleagues have been offered positions at rival companies, the management here have done their darnest to get them to stay and to be fair in most cases it works, so I'm hoping that if things do go according to plan then I'll be in a strong position to call the shots.

I'll talk after I've had the interview.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi it is a shame that you havn't gone for the job. but naming the company that you work for could land you in deep water if anybody from the company reads what you have wrote in you blog

5:23 PM

Blogger CommieBobbie said...

Hi, cheers for that, have just adjusted that particular passage.

7:28 PM


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