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Friday, May 05, 2006



It seems that the problems and scandals that have embroiled the goverenment these last few weeks are beginning to come back and haunt them, after an dreadful night for Labour at the Local Elections.

As of now (0730 BST) Labour has lost 18 councils which is the equivalent of an percentage of about 26% of the overall vote. Questions are going to have to asked about the future of certain ministers, particuarly Prescott and Clarke. Prescott is reportedly going to have the blame for the disastrous result put on his shoulders as, any shit falling on Clarke's head would, in my opinion automatically put the Prime Minister into the firing line, due to his backing for the Home Secretary.

As for the Tories, they have by their standards an good night, unfortunately, with an net gain of 12 councils, (a lot of the councils that Labour have lost have fallen into No Overall Control, where no one party has an decisive majority). The projected vote that David Cameron has been able to get is about 40%, the highest share of the vote that the party has got in some 15 years. The magic 40% figure is the figure that a lot of pollsters believe the party need to get back into power, in fact furthermore on that, if the vote was seen nationwide, we would see that the Tories would have an majority in the commons of 28.

The Lib Dems have not performed as well as I think they would've like, whereas in the last local elections, some two years ago, they had an percentage share of about 29%, this time that has dropped by 2 percentage points to 27%, they have not gained any councils but have seen councils change hands, for example they have lost Islington in North London, where no party has no overall control, but they have gained St Albans, just to the north of London, for our readers around the world. In fact the result in St Albans was decided by the most surreal of manners, where the Lib Dems won on the candidate choosing the longest of two pencils. Madness.

Amongst the smaller parties, the Greens did relatively well by their low standards, they normally do in these sort of elections, gaining some 14 seats in comparision to last time including 4 seats in Norwich, the same constituency as the Home Secretary.

Unfortunately, the people of Barking and Dagenham should lower their heads in shame, as the electorate there voted in 11 members of the B*P. Bastards.


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