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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moving On...

Morning Comrades,
Your dear leader speaking, we have some interesting news from Roberts' Towers this morning, and that is that we have an interview tomorrow, for another company, so we're having to go there full of energy and the like, which could be quite an issue, considering how depressed I have been of late.

Never Mind, one day, we'll come out of that black cloud and the world will seem such an wonderful place (!) They are saying that as well as doing an test on my Maths as I don't have the recommended mark (C grade while I have an pithy D, shocking!), they are needing me to be my best attire (as if I wouldn't be anyway) well that won't be a problem, I've been waiting some time to put on my best gear, no excuses needed there!!!

We're speak about this again tomorrow, after the initial interview and I'll give my thoughts on that and anything else which is interesting my world.


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