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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fucking hell, it's place for football here.

So you'd think!

It's less that 18 hours until England are due to begin their World Cup last-16 match against Ecuador, in Stuttgart. Already there has been skirmishes in the city square between Germans and English 'fans'. Some 200 fans have been arrested as of now, on top of the 122 people who were arrested following overnight disturbances in the city. Some 80,000 England fans are expected in the city for tomorrow's game.

Madness, if there is going to be those sort of numbers for a game in which we are expected to win comfortably then what happens if we get to the final in Berlin? 500,000 England fans trying to get into Berlin, don't bet against that happening.

The mercury is expected to be hitting 100F come kick off tomorrow, it has to be a great fear of the England backroom staff that players are going to be seriously struggling in that heat. Defydration and general tireness are going to be coming into their own, as well as the thought now, that England need to be preparing not to play for 90 minutes but for 120 minutes and beyond. And as I type my notes down with a slight breeze coming over my top window here in Kent, I do have some serious doubts on whether England can get any further in this competition.

Ecuador are not mugs, lets get that clear right away, you can't be that, if in your qualifying group you beat both Argentina and Brazil albeit at attitude in the steep Andean city of Quito. That is more than England have done in the last ten years or so. Secondly, like teams that we have faced before they have players who have played in the Premiership, and still do, such as De La Cruz of Aston Villa, so they will have an idea of how England will probably approach this game.

I have to be blunt here, I think that although we will probably win, I think that the first half-decent who plays England, i.e Portugal or Holland will probably turn us over.

Nighty Night!