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Sunday, July 02, 2006


England are out of the World Cup.

They are the words that every Englishman and woman feared would be in their papers and on the tickers of the 24 hours rolling news channels.

It was it has to be said a brave and dare I say heroic performance from the three lions, considering that within 20 minutes of each other, David Beckham had to limp off with what seemed to be a reckless challenge by Nuno Valente. Eriksson sat in silence close by, as he always did while Beckham was publically crying. Does he thinks this chance, was his last chance to become a true footballing great, along the of Gods.

Then there was Wayne Rooney.

To be fair to the man, the supposed stamp on Chelsea's clown Ricardo Carvalho, was not intentional, anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete tosser, who probably knows fuck about the beautiful game. It was the cynical way that a certain Manchester United winger got Rooney sent off, which was despicable.

But it can be argued that Rooney would not have been sent off, if he had some more support than he had. When Rooney and Carvalho clashed, there was
3 Portuguese hitmen on the man, for fuck sake. This is what happens when you play a lone striker, the opposition will ineveitably put two men on him, then probably a third to cover them. If Ericsson had put Crouch on, when Beckham limped off, it can be argued to death that with that additional support that Rooney would not have had to keep the ball on his own while the remainder of the team who were at the time some 20 yards away from the action. Because of the way Ericsson had instructed the team to play Rooney had no choice but to hold the ball up, hence when he lost the ball, he did everything in his power to get it back, how was he to know that he was to lose his footing and land his feet on Carvalho's knackers.

Of course, the question will be the same as was the case at Euro 2004. What would have happened if Rooney hadn't been sent off. I think that we can safely assume that with England in the ascendancy before Rooney's destruction of Carvalho's bollocks, England would have gone on and won 1 or 2 nil.

As it was, that did not happen.

The country will centre on the end, of course - extra time followed by penalties in which Frank Lampard's twenty-fifth futile shot of the World Cup went before those from the spot of Steve Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, gifting Portugal a win they scarcely worked for with any invention.

But departing from the World Cup at the quarter-finals on penalties - all over again – does not tell the whole tale. England will come round this morning physically and emotionally exhausted; perhaps in a day or so they will feel to some extent better about themselves.

They were not great. But they were better than they had been, which might not be saying a lot - and they were valiant. Unquestionably they had guts in thorny circumstances and heat of 29 degrees under the tented roof.

So the question now after all that is what now?

Let's recover from another defeat of Russian Roulette, then we'll deal with the future. Steve McClaren's the man for the future. Oh shit, he's just an English version of Sven.

We're fucked.


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