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Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Nation Comes To A Standstill

Rob here in the Garden,

Well with less than 2 hours to go until England begin their World Cup Quarter-Final showdown with Portugal in the mining town of Gelsenkirchen. The city has a populous of some 200,000, and so if reports are correct, that population has grown by some 50% overnight as some 100,000 English fans have decided to set up camp there.

Meanwhile, Steven Gerrard, the one player, in my opinion who could win the World Cup on his own, has said that revenge is in the air.
The Liverpool Demi-God said that he will use the heartbreaking experience of the penalty shoot-out defeat by Portugal in Euro 2004 and Liverpool's Champions League exit at the hands of Portuguese champions Benfica this season to inspire him. Gerrard said: "I don't want to use the word revenge but it will be nice to get one over on them.

For Gerrard himself though this is the stage that he has been craving for his entire career. Don't get me wrong, at 26, he isn't exactly at the twilight of his career, unlike Gary Neville, or even David Beckham. He probably has two, at best three tournaments left in him, but this is where he can cement his place in history as one of the great players of his or any generation.

An estimated 28 million people are expected to tune into the action the next few hours in Germany and massive parties will probably erupt across the country if Sven's men do triumph. With an potentially blockbuster semi-final against either Brazil or France in Munich on Wednesday as the prize, the business end of the tournament really is beginning to take shape.

Now dependant on whether or not we win, I'll talk later.



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