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Thursday, July 06, 2006

One Year On - The Fascists Are Still Here.

Tomorrow marks the 1st Anniversary of the 7/7 bombings by the four homicide bombers, and has been marked already by the twisted and sadistic video posted on an Islamofascist website linked to Al-Qaeda.

The Video shows Shezhad Tanweer, who butchered seven innocents on a train at Aldgate during the attacks last year.

The murderous bastard says on the video: "What you have witnessed now is only the beginning of a string of attacks that will continue and become stronger."

Police believed the release of the piece of fascist propaganda on the eve of the bombings' anniversary was premeditated to cause "maximum hurt".

Tanweer says in a Yorkshire accent on the tape that attacks will continue, "until you pull your forces out of Afghanistan and Iraq".

The video recording includes un-educated individuals igniting explosives and equipped with arms, as well as images of an faceless retard circling points on a map of London.

Very Retro.

It is very similar to a video of fellow murderous bastard Mohammad Sidique Khan, released in September 2005.

Both cunts were dressed in a similar way, including headdresses, and the videos had the same "al-Sahab" logo, said to be a moniker of al-Qaeda recordings.

The video is likely to add weight to the theory that al-Qaeda was behind the London bombings. In my opinion, further reason, to round all terrorists, fly them out of the country put the plane on auto pilot, and make it go down in the middle of nowhere, at least then the murderous twats can then say they died a martyr.

Better still, arrest them, and put them in for scientific research, as long as they are in a place where they can’t hurt anyone else.

Same with the equally repulsive and fascist bastards the BNP, round all their followers up, and lock them in the same place, at least then, they can do what they always wanted to do and beat the living crap out of each other, without any innocents being in the firing line.

Come on, Home Secretary do something amazing.

Tomorrow, when you go into work, when you go shopping, just think that these bastards wanted not just to kill those 52 innocent people, but they wanted to divide us, they wanted war, not peace.

Celebrate our diversity, as well as mourn our loss



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