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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Worrying Times

Decided not to post the last week or so, purely because there has been an awful lot of news recently, I think that the developments in the last week is ever so teetering the world on the brink of the abyss, particualarly the latest situation in the Middle East.

The fun and games began on Wednesday where Hezbollah terrorists based in southern Lebanon fired Katyusha missiles across the border with Israel, targeting the town of Shlomi and outposts in the Shebaa Farms area.

The Katyusha rockets are small artillery rockets in general, whether they are Soviet-derived or originally built. Such rockets are often used in guerrilla warfare, for example by the Viet Cong, Hezbollah, the Iraqi insurgency, and the Taliban.

In a cross-border raid, the terrorists seized two Israeli soldiers before moving back into Lebanon, demanding a prisoner swap and a word of warning against confrontation. The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert described the capture of the soldiers as "an act of war".

In response, which was to be expected and justified in my opinion, Israeli planes bombed Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon and troops crossed the border into southern Lebanon for the first time since the military withdrawal of 2000.

However, the troops encountered heavy opposition, as a result eight are killed, and two others are injured during fighting with Hezbollah. Israel calls up its reservists as it pledged a swift and large-scale response to the Hezbollah attack.

Getting up on Thursday Morning, I am awoken by CNN International reporting that Beirut International Airport is under attack.


Israeli jets hit the runways at the airport early morning, forcing the airport to close. Reports come out of significant numbers of civilian fatalities in Lebanese towns and villages close to Israeli targets, with at least 35 people reported killed.

As Israel announces an air and sea blockade of Lebanon, insisting that Hezbollah will not be allowed to return to its previous position along the international border, world powers react to the increasing predicament.

The US president unsurprisingly supports Israel's right to guard itself from attack, but France, Russia and the EU are all highly critical of a "disproportionate" use of force.

As nighttime falls, a missile hits Israel's third-largest city, Haifa, although Hezbollah denied any responsibility. Wise move that.

Friday comes and the Hezbollah chief terrorist Hassan Nasrallah promised "open war" against Israel after his offices in Beirut are taken out. You’ve been asking for that for years, mate! Pity they weren’t better at their targeting, you bastard.

The strikes are part of Israel's continuous action against targets across Lebanon. Bridges, roads and fuel depots are hit, with new strikes against Beirut airport. The number of Lebanese civilians killed in the strikes rose over 50, and the crisis continues to concern global powers.

The UN Security Council in an emergency meeting call for an end to the Israeli action, saying it is causing the death of innocent civilians. Well, where have you’ve been when Iran and Syria have been indirectly attacking Israel? Hypocrites

Meanwhile Iran's psychotic president warns that any Israeli assault on that other state sponsor of terrorism, Syria, seen as a sponsor of Hezbollah, will aggravate a "fierce response"

Yesterday and Israel continued its strikes in Lebanon, attacking a large number of targets including, for the first time, the northern port city of Tripoli.

However, eighteen Lebanese innocents fleeing a village are killed when their vehicles are struck with missiles on the road to the southern city of Tyre. The headquarters of Hezbollah are smashed in southern Beirut.

Hezbollah in return responds by firing rockets on the town of Tiberias in its deepest attack into Israel so far.

Israel recovers the dead body of one of four sailors lost following a Hezbollah attack on a navy ship off the Lebanese coastline.

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa says the Middle East peace process is dead (as if we didn’t realise already, mate) and calls on the UN Security Council to tackle the crisis.

Lebanon's PM says his country is a "disaster zone" and calls for international help.

Speaking ahead of the G8 jamboree in St Petersburg, US President Dubya Bush blames Hezbollah for the crisis and urges Syria to put pressure on the militants. He said that, knowing full well, that Syria won’t do anything of the sort, almost giving the U.S and U.K carté blanche to sort it out themselves, possibly.

His host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has a different viewpoint, though, and is more critical of Israel's immense bombing campaign, saying that the "use of force should be balanced". My question to you, Vladi, if that is the case, when are you going to be balanced in regards to your campaign in Chechnya?

So onto Today.

Hezbollah rockets have slaughter at least eight innocents and injure dozens in Haifa in the worst assault on Israel since the fighting began. People living in Tel Aviv are told to be on the alert, as rumours abound that the missiles used in Haifa are missiles supplied to Hezbollah by the wacky Iranian regime. The missiles can reportedly hit Tel-Aviv quite comfortably. If that was to happen, god help the region.

Israeli planes bomb Hezbollah's al-Manar TV station and a major power station in the suburbs of Beirut.

Iran warns Israel that any attack on Syria would incur "unimaginable losses".

So after all this what could happen…

That is for Iran and Syria to decide. Be Wise.

Meanwhile, Mr Blair has shown some rare steel by saying the G8 summit must come up with a plan to de-escalate the Middle East crisis.

Mr Blair, speaking after talks with US President George Bush, said G8 leaders must "work very hard to find a common and unified position" on the situation.

He has also said in an interview on the BBC "Though this is a difficult thing to say, and I think it has to be said, I don't think anybody really believes that this is just about Hezbollah and Israel.

"We are very worried about the influence of both Syria and Iran in respect of this and that the only way we are going to get a calming down, a ceasefire, restraint shown on all sides is if we deal with the underlying conditions which are the reason why this conflict between Israel and
Hezbollah has come about".

Here's hoping that cool heads win the day, because I have to be honest, any further escalation really would signal no turning back, saying that, that time might have come and gone and we haven't even noticed it.

Rob :)


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