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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 and all that.

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the attacks on America. To commemorate that atrocity the company that I work at ordered all staff to pay a minute's silence to those who were brutally murdered that day. All well and good, but really, when are we going to have a minute silence for those innocent Iraqis murdered during the so-called Allies' shock and awe and eventual illegal invasion. No such minute silence for those innocents slain during the Afghan war. Why is that?

The company decided yesterday to get political, there was no such official government order or request for the country to go silent at 1.46pm (BST) yesterday.

I am not impressed at all with the company political acumen (or lack of for that matter). Let that be known. Nor do I think that if it was widely known to the Muslim customers that this was the case then again it would go down as well as a lead balloon.

Let make it also clear that I have no truck for those extremists who did what they did that day, the point is that the company should have followed government policy on this issue and that they decided to go out of their way not to, makes me very concerned indeed.

If you're going to have a minute silence for one atrocity, then you need to be doing that for all atrocities, even when they are done and committed by your government.


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